The ERC has developed deep technical expertise in working with water and wastewater treatment plants in Illinois. Since 2012, the ERC has been actively involved in the promotion of process optimizing technologies and practices that contribute to improved energy management at the facility. From new aeration technologies to advanced control strategies to biogas treatment and its use in a combined heat and power (CHP) system, the ERC staff can help your facility in identifying improvement opportunities and even generate revenue at your facility, all with the unbiased perspective of a University institution. Contact our resident expert Marcello Pibiri at

The ERC is actively involved in the promotion of process improvement technologies for water and wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to the office’s technical expertise and recognition in the field, the ERC is able to leverage water and wastewater industry and trade associations, conferences and other dedicated events to spread its message, offer technical advice and earn trust with facility managers. This process helps the ERC in achieving aggressive energy conservation targets, while advancing the industry’s adoption of new technologies and better energy management practices.

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