Reducing Energy Usage in Wastewater Treatment

In most municipalities wastewater treatment plants typically account for the highest energy usage. This project works with the wastewater industry (trade allies and plant managers) to create specific process improvements that also reduce overall energy usage. To that goal we provide marketing to trade allies and WWT facilities to increase awareness of the program and foster greater buy-in. We work with clients to estimate savings and incentive amounts while our Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification contractor ensures savings attribution to the program. We submit complete and pre-screened applications to DCEO for approval and disbursement of incentives.

The aeration systems in wastewater treatment plants account for 67% of overall energy usage. This program promotes a technology called Turbo Blower which has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in that area. We also provide other custom measures to improve the wastewater process such as: aeration sensors including automated DO controls, ultra fine air diffusers, hyperboloid mixers, digestion mixers versus jet or draft mixers, sludge thickeners, and UV lamp controls to reduce energy consumption. 

Program Contact

Brian Katamay
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Waste Water Treatment Plant Energy Consumption—Breakdown

graph of energy consumption

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