State Correctional Facilities Key Accounts

Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) facilities represent a significant energy saving opportunity for the public sector, with high consumption and long hours of use. The constant operation of these facilities dramatically reduces the paybacks for energy efficiency technologies. We currently manage a Key Accounts program for the IDOC, helping their staff in identifying and developing energy efficiency projects, applying for incentives, as well as managing the funds for those energy efficiency incentives on behalf of the DCEO. By having all these tasks in-house, we are better able to meet the needs of the IDOC and are capable of providing a quick turn-around time on energy efficiency incentives from application to funds distribution.

This past year the ERC worked with a IDOC facility to upgrade burners on boilers utilized to produce steam for the facility. The burners were original to the boilers and had obsolete control systems. 

The new burners are able to maintain must more stringent fuel/oxygen mixture rates while also providing electronic readouts for facility engineers to review. The savings to the facility amount to approximately 160,000 therms/yr.

This program year, the ERC working with IDOC has identified over 60 projects that are being reviewed for energy efficiency incentives. Projects range from upgrading T12 lighting to T8 lamps to replacing commercial kitchen ovens.