EEPS Program Analytic Support

The ERC provides the engineering and analytic support to assist DCEO in the planning and evaluation of the Illinois Energy Now Program as required by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). The ERC has  also assisted DCEO with the energy modeling required to file the three year Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard plan (EEPS), as well as participating in the Stakeholders Advisory Group (SAG) activities and related projects (such as the Illinois Total Resource Manual (TRM) development). The ERC has conducted market potential studies in support of the Illinois Energy Now Program. ERC uses the software DSMoreTM from Integral Analytics to estimate the cost effectiveness of the total program, starting with individual measures included in the EE programs and progressing to estimating the cost effectiveness of each program and portfolio of programs.. The metric utilized in Illinois to determine cost effectiveness is the Total Resource Cost test (TRC).  

Further information including direct testimony on analysis by the ERC can be found here as well as testimony including policies, program details, and potential studies here

Potential Studies

The ERC also provides potential studies which outline long-term projections on the potential for energy efficiency in a State. These studies are used to inform and evaluate energy efficiency programs in which determinations regarding equipment, behavior, and market potential can be made. Our studies cover the following four areas of energy efficiency potential:  

Technical Potential- Refers to the theoretical maximum amount of energy use that could be displaced by efficiency, disregarding all non-engineering constraints such as cost-effectiveness and the willingness of end-users to adopt the efficiency measures. 

Economic Potential- The subset of technical potential that is economically cost-effective as compared to conventional supply-side energy resources. 

Maximum Achievable Potential- The amount of energy use that efficiency can realistically be expected to be displaced assuming the most aggressive program scenario possible (e.g., providing end-users with payments for the entire incremental cost of more efficient equipment). 

Program Achievable Potential- Refers to the efficiency potential possible given specific program funding levels and designs.

You can download the Illinois Public Sector potential study (PDF) here.

Program Contact

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A snapshot of DSMore, courtesy of Integral Analytics (Click on image for full size)