Boiler Tune-Up Program

Are steam surveys part of the incentive?

No, however there is a steam trap incentive that covers more than equipment cost and can be used toward the initial steam survey.

Can we conduct the labor in-house?

Yes, we will just need documentation included of which employees worked on the project, how much time was spent, and the hourly pay for the timeframe. All of these cost will be included in the total cost of the project.

Can I replace my boiler/burner or add a control system not listed?

Assuming the upgrades or replacements reduce natural gas consumption, you may apply through the DCEO’s Standard/Custom program.

What kind of savings can I expect?

No two systems are alike so the savings will vary on a per project basis. Most projects can expect payback within four to six months after incentives and reduced energy bills.

I just applied and then found more boilers/steam traps that need repair/replacement – what can I do?

You may reapply to the program with the other equipment as a new project.

I completed work before finding your program, can I still apply?

We will accept applications up to 45 days past the date of completion for the project.

When does the program year start? When does it end?

The program ends May 14th and the next program year will begin at the start of June.

Will repair kits count for the steam trap incentives?

Yes, they will be subject to the same incentive rate (based on pressure) as the new equipment.

I receive gas service from an independent company, can I still apply?

As long as you receive gas delivery from Ameren, Nicor, People’s Gas, or Northshore, you are eligible for the incentives.

How long does the approval take?

The turnaround time depends on the volume and size of the application pool. Approval may take anywhere from a day to week or longer. Please allow more time to review the application for larger projects.

Do I need a pre-approval?

Pre-approval is required if the application includes requests for the following: an incentive of over $10,000, replacing more than 30 failed steam traps, over 300 linear feet of insulated pipe,or if you are applying for Parallel Positioning Control Systems or the Instant Discount.

What is the Instant Discount?

The Instant Discount is an agreement between all involved parties (DCEO, Contractors, and Entity) to allow the contractor to “discount” the work that is to be completed in the amount of the eligible incentive. The incentive funds will then go to the contractor directly instead of the customer.

Green Nozzle Program

What is a Green Nozzle?

A green nozzle is a high efficiency pre-rinse spray valve (PRSV) that is often used in commercial or institutional kitchens to pre-rinse dishes prior to dishwashing, generating savings due to reduced hot water usage.

How can I apply?

To get your green nozzle, please contact:

Energy Resources Center
Shraddha Raikar
1309 S. Halsted, Room 205 E
Chicago, IL 60607

Phone: 312-996-2593

We will take your contact and building information and ship you the green nozzle within a week.

What are the expected savings?

The green nozzle we distribute has a flow rate of 0.65 gpm (gallons per minute), which is at least 65% more efficient than conventional pre-rinse valves. Each nozzle can save annually up to $400* on natural gas bills and about 70,200 gallons of water. (assuming $0.74/therm, green nozzle is estimated to save 545 therms)

How much does it cost?

The green nozzle is available to public sector customers at no cost. Shipping and handling will also be provided.

How many Green Nozzles am I eligible for?

Each facility can receive one nozzle per faucet with no per facility maxiumum. We request that clients exchange their old nozzles with us and we provide paid shipping.

Program Contact

Stefano Galiasso
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)