The goal of the Boiler System Efficiency Program ("Boiler Program") is to provide cost savings in natural gas consumption by implementing energy efficient improvements to boilers. This program targets boiler tune-ups, mechanical pipe insulation, steam trap assessments, steam trap repair/replacement, boiler reset controls, shut off air damper systems, and parallel positioning controls (PPC) systems. All of these measures yield great returns on the investment. For example a tune-up, on average, results in a 1 to 5% gain in operation efficiency which means a return on investment within six months in most cases. The Boiler Program can also help cover the cost of steam trap assessments for your facility

Qualified Incentives and Cost Savings

Incentives are available for boiler tune-ups, mechanical (pipe) insulation repair/installment, steam trap repair/replacements, boiler reset controls, shut off air damper systems, and parallel positioning control (PPC) systems. There may be energy saving measures identified by the owner or the contractor that qualify for other incentives through the  Standard or Custom Programs.

Funding is also available for steam trap assessments to determine the number of failed, or failing, traps within your system.

As an increased incentive for customers, the ERC has developed an "instant discount" mechanism that allows contractors to provide customers with instant discounts on the Boiler System Efficiency Program. The contractor can provide the customer a credit for the full amount of the program rebate at the time of installation, then the rebate is paid directly to the contractor instead of the customer, reducing their upfront cost. 

About the Process

The team at the ERC will provide technical assistance to clients throughout the application process. We offer pre-application site visits to potential clients to provide training on steam trap evaluation techniques and we can answer technical or application questions about the program. Our team also provides post-installation site visits to check on installations.  All contractors working with the Boiler System Efficiency Program are given instructions on data reporting requirements. The ERC hosts regular webinars about the program for contractors and public sector customers, to learn more about the program, its benefits and how to apply.

Promotion and Monitoring

The program is promoted by the ERC through the ERC Trade Ally Program and other EEPS events and trade shows. We also promote the program across the industry through webinars, workshops, conferences and other industry events.

The Boiler System Efficiency Program is currently in its seventh year and we continue to monitor the impact, make midyear corrections, and modifications to ensure the program itself is as efficient as possible. 

How to Apply

Potential customers can apply to the Boiler System Efficiency Program and send their completed forms directly to the ERC.

To receive support on the application process, please contact Sam Rinaldi to schedule an appointment.

Program Contact

Marcello Pibiri
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