Energy Resources Center's Work with U.S. Department of Energy

While the ERC has relationships with several federal agencies our most notable partnership is with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The ERC has worked closely with the Advanced Manufacturing Office to manage a federal program entitled “Enhancing Energy Efficiency in the Illinois Public Sector through Holistic Retrofits Strategies and Targeted Educational Efforts.”

On a state level the ERC, in partnership with the DCEO, has proposed a two year project to serve as a pilot to enhance the current DCEO Illinois Energy Now incentive program. The proposal includes a holistic expansion with a predicted 20% improvement in energy efficiency amongst the public sector market by 2020 (from a 2011 baseline). The new approach would include: 

  • Market characterization and benchmarking
  • Strengthening pre-assessment target market education and outreach to the targeted sectors.
  • Expanding follow-up activities to site assessments (to include financing options, technical assistance, application assistance, and workforce development)
  • Include post retrofit installation site visits and follow-ups

The pilot program will focus on the public sector markets of K-12 school, park districts, and community colleges. The program will showcase projects to demonstrate increased energy savings, public sector participation, efficacy of a holistic capital investment, and environmental benefits . Once the pilot is concluded the successful points will be implemented in the next three year phase of the Illinois Energy Now program. 

Quantifiable goals and measurable results for this effort include:

  • Development of a robust and active Trade Ally effort to enroll at least 250 Trade Allies promoting and developing projects for the Illinois Energy Now program.
  • Compilation of inventory for individual facilities energy intensity data (150 minimum data points) across three public sector markets that will include testing the use of this data as a tool to increase participation in the Illinois Energy Now incentive program.
  • Assistance to public sector clients in the application process, identification of financing options, and improved assessments with over 50 building assessments annually. 

Program Contact

Stefano Galiasso
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)