Boiler System Efficiency Program

The  Ball Chatham Community Unit School District 5 

  • Tune-Up Cost- $45,000
  • Incentives Received- $38,475
  • Up Front Cost- $6, 525
  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost Savings- $7, 328
  • Simple Payback- 0.9 (years) 
  • Therms Saved- over 10,500

The heating needs of the Ball Chatham Unit School District #5 are provided by twenty-three natural gas fired boilers ranging in age from five to twenty-five years. The school hired a mechanical engineer to tune-up the boilers. Upon completion the overall heating efficiency of the district increased by 2% giving an estimated annual energy savings of $7,328. The project also increased the overall safety and reliability of the boilers. More than 85% of the project cost was covered by DCEO incentives.

Hillsboro Community Unit School District 3

  • Project Cost: $24,900 
  • Incentives Received: $18,675 
  • Up Front Cost: $6,225 
  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost Savings: $3,238
  • Simple Payback: 1.9 (years)
  • Therms saved: over 4,500 

Hillsboro School District replaced 2,286 feet of damaged piping insulation within three schools. The damaged insulation was causing to heat loss and subsequently higher heating costs. The new insulation not only protects the pipes against heat loss, but also adds a safety measure to areas with high traffic of students and staff such as the gym and library. DCEO incentives were able to cover 75% of the project costs and reduce the payback period to a less than 2 years.

Program Contact

Marcello Pibiri
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