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Trends in Carbon Intensity of Ethanol vs. Petroleum

Determining the Land Use Impact of Two Midwestern Corn Ethanol Plants

New Tech Predicts Local Corn Supply

The Land Viewer Tool

The Global Warming and Land Use Impact of Corn Ethanol Produced at the Illinois River Energy Center

The Use of Wood Biomass for Distributed Energy Generation in Iowa

Modern Ethanol Plant has Negligible Impact on Land Use New Scientific Study Finds

Research Investigation for the Potential Use of Illinois Coal in Dry Mill Ethanol Plants

Summary of Expansions and Revisions in GREET1_2012 Version

An Analysis of the Projected Global Warming Impact of Corn Ethanol Production (Years 2010-2030)

New Data on Ethanol Plant Energy Consumption and Co-products


Detailed Report: 2008 National Dry Mill Corn Ethanol Survey

Research Investigation for the Potential Use of Combined Heat and Power at Natural Gas and Coal Fired Dry Mill Ethanol Plants

Life Cycle Analysis of Ethyl Lactate Production and Controlled Flow Cavitation at Corn Ethanol Plants

The Economic and Environmental Impacts of Clean Energy Development in Illinois

A Bottom-Up Assessment of Land Use Related to Corn Ethanol Production

Presentation to International Sustainability and Carbon Certification on Landviewer Tool

LandViewer provides historical land use of agricultural fields and other land parcels, as well as real time data and predictions on agricultural yield.

Overview of the Landviewer Tool

Exploring the ways in which the LandViewer tool can provide more accurate predictions of local corn yield.

Land Use Change from Biofuels Production: Greet Life Cycle

Assessing changes in land usage across the areas of: power plants, coal properties, cellulosic-ethanol production pathways, corn-ethanol production pathways, enzyme and yeast productions for ethanol production, and Algae Process Description.

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