USDA-NIFA Next Generation Land-Use Change Methodology Project

Land-use change (LUC) is a critical issue that drives the sustainability debate concerning biofuels.  Given these concerns and the potential for increased ethanol blend levels in gasoline, expanded volumes of cellulosic biofuels, and growing markets for U.S. biofuels abroad, characterizing LUC is an important piece of evaluating and designing a bio-based economy.  Currently, new data analysis techniques and new data sources, including high-resolution satellite imagery, is enabling new insights into LUC.

In April 2014, a workshop convened analysts seeking to evaluate LUC and policy makers who find utility in these estimates.  The workshop provided an overview of the federal agency and stakeholder perspectives on LUC and recent advances in LUC data and analysis.   Breakout sessions were designed to identify data gaps and outstanding research questions

Workshop 1: Agenda
Workshop 1: Report

Program Contacts:

Jennifer Dunn, PhD.
Northwestern University 

Michelle Wander, PhD.
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Steffen Mueller, PhD.
The University of Illinois at Chicago