The ERC is an interdisciplinary public service, research, and special projects organization that works to improve energy efficiency and the environment. The ERC provides expertise in the areas of energy efficiency, distributed generation, utilities billing management, and biofuels and bioenergy. Originally created to be a "fast response" team of experts, the ERC currently provides technical assistance, sophisticated modeling capabilities, educational outreach, and program implementation across the public and private sectors. The ERC is committed to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date solutions to the energy and environmental problems affecting institutional, industrial, residential, and commercial sectors.

The ERC is staffed by a uniquely diverse and highly experienced group of professional engineers, economists, architects, computer scientists, educators, and public policy analysts. 

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Energy Resources Center (MC 156) 
University of Illinois at Chicago 
1309 South Halsted Street
Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60607

P: (312) 996-4490 
F: (312) 996-5620

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